How to Invest Money in UAE

How to Invest Money in UAE

If you have money and are looking for rewarding opportunities instead of just spending it, investment is a viable option for you. The UAE is a great place to invest for multiple reasons. Not only has the UAE seen incredible growth over the past 10 years, but investors have managed to get lucrative returns as well.

Fortunately, you don’t just have to see this thriving market from a distance, as you can start reaping its benefits too. If you’ve had a solid income for a while, you shouldn’t just save it, but invest it!

But first, let’s shed some light on why you should invest in UAE in the first place.

Reasons to Invest in UAE

Experts have long ago given the go-ahead that the UAE is not only a safe but a lucrative place for investment opportunities. Even today, several organizations are leveraging this flourishing market and minting money. Now you, too, can become an investor in UAE.

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Economic Growth

This is one of the primary factors that UAE has started to attract a large score of investors. To add to that, statistics and forecasting trends even show that Dubai will continue on a path of economic improvement over the next few years as well, which mitigates the risk factor.

Political Stability

One of the mainstays of potentially lucrative countries for investment is political stability. It means there would be a lower risk if the government gets toppled over or riots break out. With consistent political stability over the past decade, UAE is the place to invest in without worrying about political turmoil. In addition, UAE also boasts of economic stability, which is an added perk. In the MENA region, UAE is by far the safest place to do business in.

Ease of Doing Business

When you’re planning to invest in a foreign country, you would think about the ease of doing business. After all, you don’t know about the works of that country, so you don’t want to incur any risk. A recent survey showed that UAE ranked number 11th worldwide among regions that are easy to do business in. In the UAE, there is an ease in registering property, protecting minority investors, and so forth.

High Demand for Housing

Dubai has always been diverse in terms of its culture. There are people from various countries who are settled in Dubai. To add to that, the influx of tourists is even expected to rise in the near future as well. This creates an incredible opportunity for investment waiting to be tapped. This naturally means there would be an increase in the demand for housing, both short term and long term. UAE will be the place for you if you’re planning to invest in real estate.

With so many reasons to invest in UAE, this is the time to get started. But how?

How to Invest Money in UAE

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This guide will walk you through several ways that you can invest your hard earned money in the flourishing markets of UAE. Since UAE is the place that has attracted scores of businessmen for years, there is a lot of scope there. It’s time to find out what suits you best so you can secure your money and get a profitable return on investment.

National Bonds

National bonds are always a good opportunity for investment if you’re looking for a minimum investment in Dubai. The reason behind this is simple, as long as we’re talking about UAE. UAE, as mentioned before, shows no signs of political or economic instability, mitigating the risk factor. When you think of investing money, you will start off by weighing out the pros and cons, and fortunately, investment in national bonds in UAE seems to be a lucrative opportunity.

This is also the easiest way to invest money in UAE as national bonds are easy to purchase and you can even buy them online through banks or money exchange. You can invest as little as 100 AED, but if you want to reduce monthly payments, you should maintain at least 3000 AED.


  • In UAE, national bonds come with several perks and benefits, making this a viable choice as well as the possibility of high profit prices.
  • As compared to stocks, bonds are a safer choice, especially in the region we’re talking about. Bonds have low volatility, have legal protections, as well as high liquidity.


  • High interest rates could be a worrying factor here. This is because, as a general rule, increasing interest prices would mean decreasing prices of bonds.

The Stock Market

Stocks, irrespective of the market, are often a risky choice, which is not ideal for risk-averse people. However, interestingly, it is also the first choice that comes to mind when we talk about investing our money. To make this a viable way for investment, it is advised that you study the UAE market extensively before you start.

Through research and speaking to a stockbroker, you can discover when it is the right time to invest. Always take the advice of someone know has seen the stock market trends. That said, there are several opportunities for stock investors in the UAE.


  • Stocks offer you protection from future inflation. Over the course of time, the price of stocks will inevitably rise and fall, but the overall value of the stock market will appreciate. This means the stock market is a stable business, which makes it a worthwhile option for investors.
  • Stocks are a great way to secure your savings. Instead of placing all your eggs in one basket, you have the option of owning stocks in different companies, increasing your chances of success.


  • Stock prices fluctuate very frequently and are therefore very volatile. Since so many different factors assess the rising and falling prices of stocks, one can never predict what will happen with accuracy, rendering this a gamble.

Real Estate

The property of UAE has been under the limelight for good reason—it’s a lucrative market for investors all over the world! While there was uncertainty surrounding this industry and was often considered a hit and miss, strict regulations have made the real estate market of UAE much more stable than before.

When you study real estate in Dubai, you will notice that property prices in this region are much more affordable than other business and tourist hubs. To add to that, the flourishing economy and tourism industry of Dubai hint that there will always be a demand for housing. This is why investing in real estate has become a viable opportunity for investors from all over the world. So if you’re wondering how to invest money in Dubai, you should definitely consider real estate.


  • The main advantage of buying property in Dubai is the high return on investment, especially in the more attractive communities. You can easily expect a handsome ROI of about 6%.
  • The demand for housing in Dubai is ever increasing as it is not only a tourist spot but also a flourishing business hub.


  • With real estate investment, you are always vulnerable to damage to your property. This damage could be theft, vandalism, natural disasters, etc. But fortunately, Dubai has a low crime rate and is also at a lower risk of natural disasters.

Business Investment

If you want to open a firm in any part of the world, UAE should be one of the regions you should consider, for good reason! In a free zone, expats are able to establish a UAE company with no local partner, i.e., 100% ownership!

There is an immense business opportunity in free zones, and Dubai is home to at least 20 free zones that you can consider. No income tax for mainland and registered companies in the free zone is also a major incentive.


  • There are no exchange restrictions, which makes it easier for foreigners to access the local currency with ease.
  • You can easily set up a company and obtain a license for a company in UAE in the free zone.


  • The cost of running an offshore company in UAE will be higher.


UAE has incredible investment opportunities, so this region should be your top priority when thinking of securing your funds. There are several ways to invest money in the UAE with lower risks as UAE has and is forecasted to be a stable region both politically and economically. To add to that, its growing importance as a business and tourist hub makes it a viable spot for investment in various markets with a higher chance of positive returns.