How to Save Money on Wedding Hair and Makeup

How to Save Money on Wedding Hair and Makeup

Before you go and book a professional to do your hair and makeup for the wedding, take a moment to consider the cost. If you find a way to eliminate or to reduce some of the spendings, you could actually save a lot.

The average cost for wedding day hair and makeup is in the hundreds-of-dollars range. And if you want more than one style, if you want to pay for the hair and makeup for other ladies, and if you need a professional stylist available to you during the entire day, the numbers quickly add up and the costs can reach into the thousands.

So, let’s take a look at how you can save on wedding day hair and makeup.

Choose your look well in advance

Brides always seem to look beautiful. If you are excited about being a bride yourself, then you are also probably eager to try out a bunch of different styles.

Regardless of your ideal wedding look, don’t choose the style in the heat of the moment. If you go into a salon, and you are offered all those different options – it’s easy to choose one that is expensive but doesn’t even suit you.

Have a clear idea to convey to your hair and makeup stylist (or your friend). Be as specific as possible: what kind of color theme for your lips, eyes, and cheeks? Do you want hair accessories? A veil? Do you want a single style for the whole wedding, or do you want one for the daytime and another for the nighttime?

This will help you resist accepting every idea that is thrown your way.

Ask a friend or a family member to do it

Chances are, you have a friend that is really passionate about hair and makeup anyway. They might agree to do it for free, or at a very low price. If you frequent beauty forums, and you are good at applying makeup yourself, you can exchange services with one of the brides you meet there. You will do her styling and she will do yours.

It’s very important to rehearse the look if you go DIY. Have a few sessions where you can do a test look to avoid facing a lot of pressure on the wedding day.

Go to your regular hair salon

If you’ve visited one hairstylist throughout the years, go there for your special day as well. Regular customers usually get better treatment and you might even ask for a discount – as a returning and future customer. At the same time, you will know what to expect from the beauty team since you’ve spent some time in their studio in the past.

Book the assistant, not the professional

Most professional stylists with their own studios have at least one or more assistants. See if you can book one of the assistants to do your hair and makeup. You can potentially enjoy the same level of know-how at a fraction of the cost you’d pay for the services of the renowned stylist.

In other words, don’t pay extra just for the brand.

Determine the number of ladies who are getting hair and makeup

When you discuss your forthcoming wedding with someone from a beauty salon, have a clear idea about what ladies will receive the service. Some brides cover the costs of styling for bridesmaids. Do you also cover mothers, grandmothers, aunts, etc.?

Because people expect to spend a lot on weddings, your salon can easily try to sell you more services than what you’d otherwise be willing to buy from them. Have a solid idea of the amount you are willing to spend to avoid this.

Save on accessories

Hair extensions can cost upwards of $1,000. If you want to remain on budget, think about alternatives to these accessories. Clip-in extensions are way cheaper than the “real” ones.

Also, look for a way to cut costs on the hairpiece. Do you need a tiara? Most probably you will wear this hairpiece once – and never again. Either go for a cheap model, go DIY,  or skip it altogether.

Go at a cosmetics counter

Many cosmetic brands offer makeovers for free, or in exchange for a small item purchase at their store. You can visit them in a mall and get yourself a touch-up by someone with experience in makeup.

Be mindful of the risks with this option, though. It’s free (or very cheap), but you might not get what you want, since you are seeing them for the first time, and they don’t know your wedding guests are expecting you.

Ask cosmetology students to do your hair and makeup

Aspiring makeup artists look for opportunities to practice their trade and to create a professional portfolio. You are actually making them a favor by approaching them to help you with your wedding style. They will charge you a lot less than professionals and you will get their best efforts because they are starting out and are eager to prove themselves. This is an option that is a win-win for everyone involved.

Stock up on makeup in advance

If you don’t use makeup on a regular basis, you might find the prices for makeup supplies higher than you’d expect. Beauty kits can be expensive, and if you get them from scratch for your wedding – they can cost hundreds of dollars.

So – prepare well in advance. Those of you who chose to do the wedding hair and makeup with a friend should stock up on makeup in the months leading up to the event. This way, you will not only balance the costs but also learn more about the type of look you can achieve with each makeup set.

Don’t tell the salon you are the bride

This one is kind of weird because you have nothing to hide – it’s your big day. However, since the market tends to inflate prices when they hear the word “wedding”, you can turn this game on its head.

Say you are a bridesmaid, or that you need hair and make-up for another occasion. The rate for the service will definitely be lower and you will get the attention that every regular customer gets anyway.

Don’t do hair and makeup

It’s the cheapest option. No, we are not kidding, a lot of brides decide to go for a completely natural look for their weddings. This will work particularly well for those who’ve chosen an outdoor venue for the event, like a beach or a stylish canvas tent.

In closing

Even though traditionally, every product or service that has the “wedding” tag on it it’s immediately more expensive, you can save a lot of money on your hair and makeup. It’s critical to plan ahead so that you know what you need. And if you cut costs at every reasonable opportunity, you can get affordable hair and makeup for your wedding without anyone knowing that you didn’t blow a fortune on it.

Take at least a few of the tips above, and you are off to a good start.